Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique part 2

Every wedding is somewhat different, you can have the same venue as another bride but that doesn't mean it will look the same way.

We host four weddings this past two years all within the same family.  After working with the family with the first son, we knew we wanted to host the other three siblings.  The following May, the second son had his reception and their grandma walked in and was convinced it was a different venue!  The two girls, who happened to be twins got married the following year in June and then in December.  Needless to say they all had a unique venue that took on their own wedding.

Having a wedding theme is one way to make your wedding unique.  Picking a wedding theme can be difficult but it's best to start with the couple itself.  What do I mean by that?  Say for example, the couple are both into music then a music theme would be perfect.  Pinterest can really come into handy here =).  You can corporate your theme with every aspect of your wedding, invitations, attire, decor etc.  This wedding we had last year even sang a duet at the end of the evening.  Fun right?  

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