Kayla Bodkins and Corey Richards

The princess is now married!

We are excited that Kayla Bodkin and Corey Richards tied the knot! The celebration party greeted the guests with a large jumbo shrimp display, hot passed appetizers, and fresh fruit and vegetables. The bride's signature cocktail "Purple Passion" was a big hit! (It seems that everyone needs a little more passion in their life)

Carved Prime Rib,Chicken Capone in a wonderful cream sauce with mushrooms, tomatoes, scallions, and artichokes and accompanied by our FAMOUS garlic whipped potatoes and fresh vegetables. All 300 guests were served in 20 minutes, and then off to the party! 

Father Kevin, only teared up 1-10 times in a moving speech about his only daughter, Kayla. The father/daughter dance was touching. McFadden music played great dance music and the  900 sq ft. dance floor had the whole party dancing at once! 300 guests was an easy fit for our large room, and the guests couldn't stop talking about how great it was. The Who's Who of Whoville  enjoyed an open bar, with 3 of the fastest bartenders in the city. Our designer,  went over the top with four foot glass vases of fresh flowers. Other tables held sparkly, glitzy, centerpieces filled with fresh hydrangeas. Late night cheese coneys topped the evening, before the guests went to Gangsters for the after party. What happens in Gangsters stays in Gangsters (Thank God) Dueling Pianos have a way of bringing out the fun that's for sure!