Sneak Peak

A wedding is like a puzzle, you have to put all the pieces together to get the big picture.  You have the dress, you have the shoes, you have the veil, why not the day of your hair and make up trial do a photo shoot with your photographer and see the complete puzzle? It is good to meet with your photographer a few times prior, whether it is your engagement photos or a sneak peak run.  It will be beneficial for you and your photographer to understand the shots you are looking for. ...

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A Picture's Worth 1000 Words. . .

I am new to the blogging world so I am hoping you all will keep me motivated to voice my opinion and give advice.  Feel free to give me topics and I will focus the week around that specific topic.  This week (even though it's almost over), I have decided to pick the topic of photography when a bride asked me who I recommended.  It is important to hire a professional wedding photographer, opposed to having a friend take pictures with a good camera.  Having a friend take...

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The 10 Most Tissue-Worthy Wedding Stories of 2013

This article makes weddings all the more memorable and special.  Don't let the little things stress you out because the big picture will all be worth it.  Check out this article and you will find out what I mean!

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